WiL Finds A Nugget Worth Covering with Gold Digger

While we negotiate the release of wiL’s seventh studio album ‘Gold Mine, we felt there was no better time to begin releasing a string of cover songs.

"When I signed  a major record deal in 2003 they said "wiL, it's all about your original music now". I understood and was hell bent on writing my own. Fast forward 15 years of doing just that I realized it was never a bad thing to enjoy playing the odd cover. Of course, one  would have to first establish themselves as an original artist. Check. Done that. I think!

So I have now decided to start releasing a selection of tracks that I have been recording over the past couple years. Songs that truly impacted or moved me no matter the genre they were born from. And so, consider this project my way of paying homage to the original artists whose music inspired me ... an endeavour that I hope continues onward as I am and have always been a true fan of all types of music."

On Gold Digger, wiL borrows inspiration from the traditional roots music he grew up with, adds a generous serving of southern soul and transforms Kanye West’s rap mega hit into a contemporary Americana infused pop rock roller coaster. 

Gold Digger is available  on Itunes, SpotifyGoogle Play and of course, Youtube. if you haven't done so, you can Subscribe to my channel here.

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Wil @ wiL

wiL, Parksville

wiL returns to Parksville's Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge. The duo made an impression and have been invite back for 'Round 2'
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